A Couple Red Wings To Help Oakland County Animal Shelter

Pontiac, MI - A couple Detroit Red Wings, the Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center, and Do Only Good Animal Rescue are teaming up to help some pets score their forever home.

Red Wings Center Dylan Larkin and beloved Red Wings color analyst Mickey Redmond will host a meet and greet at the shelter on Saturday, June 1 from noon – 2:00 p.m. Red Wing fans can get an autographed photo of Mickey and Dylan in exchange for a $10 donation to the shelter and rescue.

“Dylan and I both love animals and wanted to give back with an ‘assist’ for the animals that grace the doors of the shelter and rescue every year,” Redmond said. “A donation to both the shelter and the rescue will help ensure that the animals are provided for in terms of housing, medical care, and finding them forever homes.”

For an additional $10 donation to the shelter and rescue, fans can also get an additional item autographed by Larkin and Redmond. Please note there is a limit of one additional item. All proceeds go directly to the shelter and rescue.

“Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center provides so much more than just food and water to the animals in our care,” said Joanie Toole, chief of the Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center. “These animals come to us with a variety of illnesses and maladies and our staff have to get them medically sound before adopting them out to the public. When someone pitches in and helps defray some of these costs, it makes a world of difference.”

The Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center helps over 4,000 animals a year, providing shelter, medical care, and adoption services. Do Only Good Animal Rescue has rescued and placed over 393 animals from the shelter since May of 2017.

“Do Only Good Animal Rescue was created to help the Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center find good and permanent homes for certain breeds and hard-to-place animals that are turned over to the shelter.” said Tricia Knauss-Gogala who operates the rescue along with ,Beth Schemanske-Heimbuch.

Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center Manager Bob Gatt is grateful for the service Do Only Good Animal Rescue performs and the assist from the two Red Wings.

“Do Only Good Animal Rescue, through their valiant actions, has filled a gap that is greatly needed here at the shelter,” Gatt said. “Without them, we would not be able to place a number of the animals that come into our shelter. Plus, we are so excited that Dylan Larkin and Mickey Redmond are chipping in to help both the shelter and rescue.”

June 1 is also the last day to purchase a dog license before the fees go up on June 2 as they do every year. Michigan law requires that dogs four months of age and older be licensed within their jurisdiction. A dog must have a valid rabies vaccination to obtain a license. Until June 1, a one-year license for a spayed or neutered dog costs $10.50 or $28.50 for a three-year license. The license fee for a dog that is not spayed or neutered is $18.00. After June 1, the fee goes up to $33. Senior citizen pricing is available for dog licenses.

“We are hoping to see a lot of dog owners meet the licensing deadline on June 1,” Animal Control Supervisor Shelley Grey said. “We’ll have a number of shelter staff on hand ready to assist anyone with buying a dog license or adopting a pet that day. Getting a dog license is not only the Law but helps in getting your furry friend back home if they should get lost.”

For more information, go to Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center’s website at oakgov.com/petadoption or the Do Only Good Animal Rescue’s website at doonlygoodrescue.com/.