Dozens Of Animals Rescued From Oakland County Home

Pontiac, MI - Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center rescued dozens of animals Tuesday afternoon from a home in the 6000-block of Northview Drive in Independence Township after animal control officers responded to the home for a welfare check.

After receiving a tip, officers discovered dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and a bearded dragon that were living in highly unsanitary conditions and showing signs of illness.

Among 82 cats were many who were in distress due to high temperatures in the home, which lacked air conditioning and airflow. The temperature in the home was higher than the outdoor temperature which was in the 80s. Tragically, nine of the cats were dead at the scene, two died in transit, and two more died overnight at the shelter. Veterinary staff euthanized an additional three cats because of their deteriorating health from an infectious disease. Sixty-six cats remained alive as of Thursday afternoon.

In addition, there were eight ferrets, five dogs, four rabbits, and one bearded dragon, all of whom are alive. Veterinary and shelter staff are evaluating and caring for the 84 remaining animals at the shelter.

Animal control officers obtained permission from the resident and her spouse to enter and inspect the home when they arrived on scene. Because of the condition of the animals, with many needing immediate veterinary attention, the officers removed them from the home and brought them to Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center.

The resident of the home and her husband told animal control officers they were providing “care” for the cats as part of their involvement with a cat rescue organization. She surrendered ownership of them to the shelter. Some of the animals, however, were privately owned by the resident and another adult tenant of the house who had recently moved in. Neither relinquished ownership of those animals despite all the animals being removed from the home. Consequently, Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center will begin forfeiture proceedings.

This case remains under investigation. When complete, animal control officers will present the results to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Officer for review and consideration of criminal charges.

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