Late Oakland County Executive L Brooks Patterson Family Insulted

Pontiac, MI - Oakland County Executive Gerald D. Poisson, in response to a press release issued yesterday by acting Board of Commissioners Chairperson Marcia Gershenson, wants to ensure the public that there is no vacancy in the county executive office and that a recommended budget has been submitted for the Board of Commissioners to debate and amend.

“First, Brooks’ team is appalled by the spectacle at the board of commissioners and Marcia Gershenson’s sham interview process for appointing a new county executive,” Poisson said. “Scheduling the meeting the morning of Brooks’ funeral is simply inappropriate.”

Mary Margaret Patterson Warner, daughter of late County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, released a statement about the majority Democrat board of commissioners scheduling a meeting to name a new county executive the morning of his funeral:

“The wound of losing our beloved father and grandfather became deeper when we learned the Oakland County Board of Commissioners scheduled a meeting the morning of his funeral to seize control of the county executive office. This heartless play for power is unforgivable and has offended the Patterson family. Our father has earned and deserves more respect than this.”

Per the law, Poisson took the oath of office on Saturday, August 3 and became Oakland County’s third county executive until the board of commissioners names a successor or a special election is held. There is no current vacancy in the county executive office.

Meanwhile, the current administration submitted Patterson’s final and 27th recommended budget on July 1, one that was approved last September by a majority of the board of commissioners. The recommended budget was going through the committee hearing process when Patterson died.