Macomb County Dept Of Roads Announces Winter Readiness

Mt. Clemens, MI - Salt domes are filled, equipment is on standby and the Macomb County Department of Roads (MCDR) is ready for ice, snow and winter operations.

“Michigan’s unpredictable weather impacts our roads, residents and community, especially during the winter months. Road safety and winter readiness are top priorities for Macomb County,” said MCDR Director Bryan Santo. “We have more than 100 maintenance employees dedicated to keeping the roads clear to ensure a safe and drivable road system for all Macomb County road users.”

The Department of Roads has a winter maintenance fleet of more than 100 light and heavy duty trucks, graders and loaders outfitted with snowplows. During a winter event, MCDR has drivers on the roads to monitor conditions. Depending on road conditions, plows start with main trunk line and primary road routes, and then work their way through local and residential roads.

With the support of the motoring public, MCDR’s goal is to keep the roads as safe as possible. The Department of Roads cautions drivers to remain alert during and immediately following winter weather and reminds motorists to drive appropriately for the conditions and to give snowplows plenty of room to safely clear the roads.

MCDR also urges drivers to follow these safety tips on the roadways:

  • Remove all snow and ice from your vehicle, including the hood, roof, trunk, head lights, tail lights, windows and mirrors.
  • Buckle up.
  • Start your drive early allowing extra time for slow driving conditions.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Drive defensively and brake early. Stopping on icy roads requires three to nine times the distance to come to a complete stop.

To help keep Macomb County motorists informed and up to date of what's happening on the roadways, sign up for winter operations alerts from the Department of Roads. For the latest news from the Department of Roads, follow MCDR on Facebook and sign up to receive email and text alerts for construction and traffic updates at

Fast Facts

  • Of the more than 4,400 miles of roadway in Macomb County, MCDR is responsible for the maintenance of more than 1,700 miles of county roads and 900 miles of subdivision roads
  • The department has an annual average budget of $4 million to keep the fleet on the road and up to date with technology and equipment
  • MCDR has more than 100 snowplows, salt trucks and graders in its fleet
  • MCDR has more than 100 maintenance employees dedicated to keeping the roads clear
  • On average, MCDR uses more than 50,000 tons of salt each winter
  • In 2021, MCDR spent nearly $6 million on winter maintenance for primary, local and state roads


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