148 Macomb County Small Businesses Awarded Relief Grants

Mt. Clemens, MI - Macomb County has announced that 148 Macomb County businesses would receive grants from the Michigan Small Business Relief Program.

These grants will help them stay afloat during the mandatory shuttering of non-essential businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak across the state of Michigan.

Funding was provided through the Michigan Strategic Fund, which authorized the Michigan Small Business Relief Program, offering up to $10 million in small business grants and $10 million in small business loans. Macomb County was awarded $800,000, which was supplemented by a generous donation from First State Bank and an additional $30,000 from the county for a total of $930,000.

Macomb County Planning & Economic Development received applications from over 2,000 area businesses. As stipulated by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, first priority was given to those small businesses directly affected by Executive Order 2020-20

Each eligible application received was reviewed by a panel consisting of representatives from the county, First State Bank, Macomb Community College, Macomb Intermediate School District, Leadership Macomb, Macomb County Chamber of Commerce and Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce. The selection committee took many factors into consideration: type of business; geographical location and the significance of the business to that specific area; the impact the grant dollars would have on helping the business; how the grant dollars will be used; completeness of the applications and whether requested financial documentation was provided. Macomb County is unable to provide a list of recipients at this time. Each must complete legal paperwork as a final step with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

“So many of our businesses, for no fault of their own, were impacted suddenly by the COVID-19 crisis. We organized an application process, fairly quickly, to disburse these relief funds to our businesses,” said Vicky Rad, director of Macomb County Planning and Economic Development. “We know this will provide some financial relief to many and we will continue to offer guidance and assistance to any business looking for help.”

Macomb County Planning and Economic Development is prepared to help businesses with other hurdles as well. The department’s business development team continues to collaborate with local, state and federal partners on programs designed to provide assistance to businesses. The website www.MacombBusiness.com is updated regularly with information and offers an easy way for business leaders to connect with a professional for free and confidential services.

About Macomb County Planning and Economic Development
The Macomb County Department of Planning & Economic Development supports an environment where businesses prosper and people thrive.  Its activities and programs are focused on stimulating the local economy through business retention, expansion and attraction while improving the overall quality of life for residents.  The department specializes in providing services to businesses at all stages of development with a concentration on the high-growth industries of aerospace, alternative energy, advanced manufacturing, defense and homeland security.  For more information, call 586-469-5285 or visit: https://ped.macombgov.org/Ped-Home

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