Macomb County Sees Increase In EV Fast-Charge Stations

Mt. Clemens, MI - Macomb County is advancing infrastructure in southeast Michigan, and a major piece of this work is preparing for the increasing number of electric vehicles on local roadways.

According to research conducted by BloombergNEF, global sales of zero emission cars are projected to rise from 4 percent of the market in 2020, to 70 percent by 2040. Creating a network of charging stations will be key to support this change.

“The future of the auto industry is right here in Macomb County,” said Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel. “From major investments by global companies to inventive deployments from our utility partners, we are starting to see a dynamic network of assets being deployed across our community.”

Hackel spoke at a press conference Thursday, October 7, 2021 at the Towns Mart Marathon Center on 32 Mile Rd and M-53 in Washington Township. The facility recently installed two Level 3 DC fast charging stations with the assistance of electric vehicle charging company ChargePointe and grant funding from the State of Michigan and DTE Energy. This brings the county’s total for Level 3 charging stations to four - a notable advancement as these pieces of equipment can provide 150 to 210 miles of range with one hour of charging, depending on the vehicle model and DCFC power level. The county currently has 29 charging stations within its boundaries.

“We know there is work to do when it comes to building out our EV charging infrastructure network,” said Vicky Rowinski, director, Macomb County Planning and Economic Development. “So we’re here today to highlight the grant funding and programs available to both private and public entities wishing to install charging stations at their facilities. We envision this equipment at hotels, shopping malls, educational facilities and other locations where people can park and charge. There is a good amount of capacity in our community for this type of equipment, and today’s example at the Towns Mart Marathon gas station can hopefully be an inspiration for individuals who are thinking about adding EV charging stations to their property.”

“Macomb County is our nation's leader in manufacturing due in part to the entrepreneurial talent seen here today,” said Don Brown, chair, Macomb County Board of Commissioners. “This same talent exhibited by Mr. Nalu is leading the way to the future with the development of the next generation of efficient engine service stations. Down the street, at its Romeo plant, Ford Motor has developed tractor and high performance engines. As Ford makes the transition to the impressive lineup of electric vehicles we’ve seen today, I hope to see the tradition continued in Romeo with Ford using that plant and its skilled employees to build the next generation of vehicles.”

Steve Nalu owns the Towns Mart Marathon Center, a multi-use plaza which includes a gas station, a T-Mobile store, a Tim Horton’s, a Subway and the Calypso Hair Salon. Nalu built the plaza 12 years ago with the Oscar W. Larson Company, a full-service contractor that specializes in fueling systems. The company, which partners with ChargePointe, reached out in 2020 with a recommendation to install electric vehicle charging stations at the Washington Township facility. The three entities worked together to apply for grant funding from the state and DTE Energy, which was awarded in late 2020. The charging stations were installed in February 2021 and Nalu has seen steady interest and use from electric vehicle owners.

“Our facility has a strategic location with access to highways and important roads, so we think these charging stations can provide a service for everyone in our community,” he said. “We see ourselves as innovators and are proud to help lead the way for EV charging in our area. And on the business side of things, we definitely see a benefit, as traffic throughout our facility has increased because of the electric vehicle customer base.”

The cost to install the two fast charging stations came to $200,000, and grant funding from the state and DTE covered half of that total. Individuals and companies interested in this type of support can find support through the following grant, rebate and reimbursement initiatives: 

  • The Charge Up Michigan Program is an EV Charger Placement project that aims to build the infrastructure for DC fast charging stations in the state of Michigan to ensure feasibility of all long distance trips for electric vehicle (EV) users, within the state and also to neighboring states and Canada. To achieve this, the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) and partners (electric utilities and applicant) will provide funding for qualified DCFC EV charging equipment, site preparation, equipment installation, networking fees and signage. Learn more.
  • DTE’s Charging Forward initiative offers rebates that fully or partially fund the EV Supply Infrastructure and Charging Stations for business and commercial electric customers. Learn more.
  • Consumers Energy PowerMIDrive program is designed to increase EV charging capability and make it easier for individuals to charge their vehicle. What’s more, the program will help improve the grid and control rates for all customers. It’s a major step toward the future of our energy grid and the rapidly evolving way we travel. Learn more

A map of available charging stations in Macomb County and beyond can be found here. Additional information on electric vehicles and EV charging infrastructure is available through SEMCOG’s Electric Vehicle Resource Kit and Planning Hub.

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