2nd Round Of Relief For Military Vets Announced In Oakland County

Waterford, MI - Oakland County Veterans Services announced July 28, 2021 that a second round of funding has been allocated for the Veterans COVID-19 Emergency Financial Relief Program, providing financial assistance to county veterans, service members and eligible dependents impacted by the pandemic.

A total of $50,000 in funding is available through the grant provided by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency. The first round of $182,000 was distributed to Oakland County veterans earlier this year. There is a cap of $2,500 per person, including food assistance, which has a $200 limit. The grants can be used for food, utilities, waste removal, property taxes and personal care expenses. The application period is now open. Persons can apply at oakgov.com/veterans.

To be eligible, a person must be an Oakland County resident and have received an honorable discharge from the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reserves, or women’s auxiliaries. Eligibility documentation is required as part of the application process.

“Early in the pandemic, we knew there was a strong need for financial assistance for our veterans who were impacted by COVID-19, whether they lost a job or were having a hard time paying bills,” said Oakland County Executive David Coulter. “The need for help has not gone away and this new round of financial relief could not come soon enough. We expect there to be continuing interest from our veterans and now it’s time to serve them.”

Veterans, service members and their dependents who may not have access to the internet for completing an application online can do so by contacting the Oakland County Veterans Services Division in Pontiac, at 248-858-0785.

In addition to the relief program, Oakland County Veterans Services offers a broad range of services to the men and women who served the country, including assistance in securing service-connected disability compensation, health care and transportation services, employment and education resources, pension support, life insurance and burial benefits.

“Oakland County Veterans Services is dedicated to helping our veterans receive all of the benefits they earned through their service to our country,” said Division Manager Garth Wootten. “Our highly trained and accredited Veteran Benefits Counselors are ready to guide you and your family members through the application process and advocate on your behalf.”

A new marketing campaign highlighting the sacrifices made by Oakland County veterans and the support Oakland County is providing them was launched earlier this month through radio, billboard, direct mail, newspaper, and social media advertising across the region.

“Our message is simple: let us serve you,” Wootten said. “We know older veterans are in most need of the no-cost services offered through our office, but they are available to any honorably discharged veteran, no matter their age, health or work status. We encourage veterans to take advantage of them at any time after they leave the service.”

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