AARP MI Announces 4-Part Virtual Series On Brain Health

Lansing, MI - AARP Michigan is pleased to announce "Disrupt Dementia: Empowering Minds and Inspiring Lives," a four-part series designed to provide knowledge and practical strategies to help optimize cognitive health.

Dementia is a global health concern affecting millions of lives, and as the population ages, understanding and addressing cognitive health becomes increasingly crucial. "Disrupt Dementia" aims to unravel the complexities of dementia and explore practical strategies for maintaining brain health at any age.

The series includes the following sessions, taking place every Thursday in October, from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm ET:

Session I: Demystifying Dementia and the Six Pillars of Brain Health
Gain a fundamental understanding of dementia and explore practical strategies for optimizing cognitive well-being. Discover steps to maintain brain health at any age and empower individuals living with dementia to lead fulfilling lives.

Session II: Doctors and Dementia: Wisdom From Both Sides of the Desk
Dive into invaluable insights shared by esteemed expert Dr. Karlawish and a group of retired physicians who now live with dementia themselves. Gain a unique perspective "from both sides" of the desk as these distinguished individuals share their personal experiences and professional knowledge.

Session III: Understanding Parkinson's Disease, Lewy Body Dementia and Related Neurological Disorders
Explore Parkinson's Disease and other adult neurological conditions like Lewy Body Dementia. Discover the latest advancements in medical research and therapies that can enhance the quality of life for individuals affected by neurological disorders.

Session IV: Addressing Race and Gender Disparities in Dementia and Brain Health
Tackle the important topic of understanding and addressing racial and ethnic disparities in dementia and brain health. Explore the new Brain Health Equity report, presented by Sarah Lenz Lock, Executive Director for the Global Council on Brain Health, and identify opportunities to reduce disparities in access to care, diagnosis, and treatment.

The "Disrupt Dementia" series will feature renowned experts, healthcare professionals, and individuals with lived experiences, ensuring a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to dementia and cognitive health. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in Q&A sessions and interactive discussions, making this series both educational and empowering.

"We believe that knowledge is a powerful tool to tackle the challenges posed by dementia," said Lisa Dedden Cooper, Manager of Advocacy at AARP Michigan. "Through 'Disrupt Dementia: Empowering Minds and Inspiring Lives,' we hope to create a platform where everyone can come together, learn, and take action to support those affected by dementia and promote brain health for all."

The "Disrupt Dementia: Empowering Minds and Inspiring Lives" series will be accessible virtually, making it available broadly. Attendees can register for the series at

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