Macomb County Tree And Plant Sale Returns

Mt. Clemens, MI - Green Macomb and the Blue Water Conservation District have announced the return of their annual tree and plant sale, an opportunity for the public to purchase young trees, fruit trees, flowering shrubs, wildflower seed and other fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices.

The sale is now open and will run through Wednesday, April 6. Interested individuals can visit to browse available stock, place their orders and make payments. 

“We created this tree and plant sale six years ago to help us reach our goal of increasing tree canopy in Macomb County,” said Gerard Santoro, program director for Macomb County Parks and Natural Resources. “The response from residents has been tremendous. So we are proud to once again offer this to our community, providing an affordable opportunity for homeowners to spruce up their gardens and green spaces for spring and summer.”

Items available for order include paper birch, black cherry, norway spruce, red osier dogwood, douglas fir and many more choices. Prices range from $7 to $25 while supplies last.

“As always, we will have an incredible offering with a range of products,” Santoro said. “But ultimately, we just want our customers to know that they are investing in a resource with real benefits – like increasing property values and reducing home energy usage.”

All items purchased can be picked up in person or shipped to your home. There will be two pick-up locations in Macomb County:

  • April 26 and 27 - Armada Fairgrounds
  • April 29 and 30 - Sterling Heights Dodge Park Farmers Market Pavilion

A limited stock of trees and plants will be available for purchase on site.

Since the sale began six years ago, more than 100,000 trees and plants have been purchased by residents, businesses and communities throughout Macomb County. For more information on the tree and plant sale, visit the Green Macomb website.

See: Blue Water Conservation District

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