MI Clerk Offices Provide Weekend Hours For Voting Services

Lansing, MI - Clerk offices statewide will offer weekend hours Saturday and Sunday for Michigan citizens to register to vote and to request and submit absentee ballots.

Michigan law requires that city and township clerk offices be open a minimum of eight hours the weekend prior to Election Day. Voters can find their clerk’s office locations and hours at Michigan.gov/Vote.

Voters who would like to cast an absentee ballot but haven’t requested one as well as voters who have requested an absentee ballot but have not yet received it should visit their city or township clerk’s office in person this weekend. There, voters can request, fill out, and submit an absentee ballot all in one trip.

Voters who already have their ballot can fill it out at home, sign the back of the envelope, and return it to their local clerk’s office or a secure ballot drop box in their jurisdiction. Ballots must be returned to clerk offices or drop boxes no later than 8 p.m. on Election Day, Nov. 8 to be counted.

This close to Election Day, voters should not mail absentee ballots back to their clerk or request to have a ballot mailed to them to avoid the risk of postal delays. Under Michigan law, voters may give their ballot to their immediate family or a member of their household to drop off at a clerk’s office or drop box.

Michigan citizens who are not registered to vote can still register and cast a ballot until 8 p.m. on Election Day by visiting their local clerk’s office and presenting valid ID and proof of residency. Individuals must have lived in Michigan for 30 days prior to Election Day in order to cast a ballot in this election.

Michigan voters can track their absentee ballot at Michigan.gov/Vote, where they can also find additional information about early absentee voting, voter registration, and election administration in Michigan.

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