Macomb County Park Gets 25 Trees To Increase Green Canopy

Mt. Clemens, MI - On November 5, 2021, local volunteers planted 25 trees at Joy Park in Clinton Township, an area with a significant lack of green canopy.

The planting was made possible through the support of Second Nature Brands. The company’s employees also volunteered to plant red maples, serviceberry trees, black gum trees, red oaks and linden trees alongside several other local volunteers. 

“Our vision is to make things better by nourishing people and nature,” said Victor Mehren, CEO of Second Nature Brands. “We can impact both by planting trees locally which will beautify a neighborhood park and contribute to the health and well-being of our community.  We believe this is essential to Second Nature Brands' success as a local company and employer.”

Joy Park is just over two miles from a Second Nature Brands facility, the Sanders factory and retail store on Hall Road. Clinton Township and the Clinton Township Conservation Committee chose this location for the planting based on this proximity and because the park has limited trees and shaded areas. Township officials and committee members have worked to increase trees within the park due to their proven benefits.

“By planting trees, we increase the area tree canopy, which in turn beautifies local parks, improves the economic vitality of commercial districts, enhances the area’s natural habitat, absorbs stormwater and reduces carbon in our atmosphere,” said Paul Gieleghem, Clinton Township treasurer and a member of the township’s conservation committee. “All of these benefits will be enjoyed today and by future generations.”

The event was led by Macomb County Planning and Economic Development (MCPED), which has hosted several plantings this season through its Green Macomb initiative. Launched in 2016, the program aims to double tree canopy in Macomb County.

“Urban areas generally have fewer trees and a less dense green canopy, which can have a negative impact on a community,” said Gerard Santoro, program director for parks and natural resources, MCPED. “Joy Park and the area surrounding the facility has been underserved in this capacity for some time, so today’s planting will be significant for nearby residents and individuals that use the public space. With these new trees, we hope to make the park a healthier destination for everyone and promote the neighborhood's stability.”

Currently Macomb’s tree cover is 26 percent, which falls short of the USDA recommendation of a 40 percent cover or better in urban areas. However, along with residents increasing tree plantings on their properties, promotion and education will help the county reach that goal. Additionally, trees planted at the Clinton Township event will help Second Nature Brands meet its goal of planting one million trees over the next five years.

More information on green canopy in Macomb County can be found and pictures from the Clinton Township planting are available here.

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