Metro Detroit Weekend Road Construction For Nov 17 - 20, 2023

Metro Detroit Traffic NewsLansing, MI - MDOT has announced the November 17 - November 20, 2023 planned weekend and upcoming construction (I, M, US roads) locations. Included, also, is the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade and Game Day road closures (Wednesday 11/22 - Thursday 11/23).


Wayne - NB I-75, McNichols to 7 Mile, 3 lanes open, Fri-Wed 9am-3pm.

Macomb – EB/WB I-94 CLOSED INTERMITTENTLY, M-59 to 21 Mile, Sat 6am-10am.
Macomb - WB I-94, 23 Mile to 21 Mile, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat7am-Sun 6pm.
Macomb - WB I-94 RAMP CLOSED to M-59, Sat 6am-10am.
Macomb - EB I-94 RAMP CLOSED to 21 Mile, Sat 6am-10am.
Macomb - EB 21 Mile RAMP CLOSED to WB I-94, Sat 6am-10am.
Wayne - EB I-94 RAMP CLOSED to Pelham and Pelham to EB I-94, Fri 9am-3pm.

Oakland - EB I-96, Kent Lake to Wixom, 1 LANE OPEN, Fri 9am-3pm AND Sat-Sun 5am-5pm.
Oakland - EB I-96 RAMP CLOSED to Kent Lake, Fri 9am-3pm AND Sat-Sun 5am-5pm.
Oakland - EB I-96 RAMP CLOSED to Wixom, Fri 9am-3pm AND Sat-Sun 5am-5pm.
Oakland - EB I-96 RAMP CLOSED to Milford, Fri 9am-3pm AND Sat-Sun 5am-5pm.
Oakland – Kent Lake RAMPS CLOSED to EB I-96, Fri 9am-3pm AND Sat-Sun 5am-5pm.
Oakland - Milford RAMPS CLOSED to EB I-96, Fri 9am-3pm AND Sat-Sun 5am-5pm.
Oakland - EB I-96 CLOSED Novi Rd to I-696, Sat 5am-noon.
Oakland – EB I-96 RAMPS CLOSED TO I-275/696/M6, Sat 5am-noon.
Oakland - NB Novi RAMP CLOSED to EB I-96, Sat 5am-12pm.

Wayne - NB/SB I-275 near Sibley, 2 LANES OPEN, 6am-9am AND 3pm-6am AND  9am-3pm-1 LANE OPEN for overhead bridge work thru mid-Dec, except holiday wknd Wed afternoon-Mon am.

Oakland - EB I-696 RAMP CLOSED to SB M-5, Sat 4am-12pm.
Oakland - WB I-696, Lincoln Dr to 11 Mile, 3 lanes open, Sat 8am-4pm.
Oakland - WB Greenfield RAMP CLOSED to WB I-696, Sat 8am-4pm.

M-1: (Woodward)
Wayne - NB M-1 Service Drive CLOSED near 8 Mile, Sat 6am-Mon 6am.

M-3: (Gratiot)
MACOMB - NB M-3 at Henry B Joy Blvd, 2 LANES OPEN, Mon-Wed 9am-3pm.

M-19:(Main Street)
Macomb - NB/SB M-19 CLOSED INTERMITTENTLY at Division Rd, Fri 9am-12pm.

M-29: (23 Mile)
Macomb - WB M-29, Jefferson Ave to Baker Rd, 1 LANE OPEN, Mon 9am-Wed 3pm.

Macomb - WB M-59 RAMP CLOSED to EB I-94, Sat 6am-10am.

M-102: (8 Mile)
Oakland/Wayne - WB 8 Mile RAMP CLOSED to SB I-275, Fri 7pm-Wed 3pm.
Oakland/Wayne - WB 8 Mile, Evergreen to Berg Rd, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat 7am-Sun 7pm.
Macomb/Wayne - EB 8 Mile, Kelly to Beaconsfield, 3 lanes open, Mon 7am-mid-Dec.

Oakland – NB/SB US-24 BR/Cesar Chavez, Woodward Loop to Telegraph, 1 LANE OPEN, Mon-Wed 9am-5pm.
Wayne - NB US-24 at M-153/Ford Rd, 3 lanes open, Mon-Tue 9am-3pm.

ROAD CLOSURES FOR DETROIT’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – Wed 11/22-Thu 11/23
(Plus Red Wings play Wed and Lions play Thu.)

Wed 11/22:

  • 9am-Thu 4pm - NB/SB M-1/Woodward CLOSED, Grand Blvd to Warren, use John R/Cass.
  • Noon-Thu 4pm - NB/SB M-1/Woodward CLOSED, Warren to Congress, use John R/Cass.
  • All EB/WB streets crossing M-1/Woodward will be CLOSED, except open streets below.

OPEN CROSS STREETS, except during parade Thu 5 am-4pm:

Waren                                 Alexandrine                      MLK/Mack                        75 Fisher Service Drives
Adams                                Park/Witherell                   Clifford/John R                 Grand River
Gratiot/State                       Campus Martius N            US-12/Michigan Ave        Campus Martius S
Congress                            Larned

Thu 11/23:
5 am-4pm - M-1/Woodward CLOSED, Grand Blvd to Congress, for parade.
6am-11am - Turkey Trot major closures M-10/Lodge and M-85/Fort:

  • M-10 SB ramp closed to W Jefferson
  • M-10 SB ramp to Larned
  • M-85 (Fort St) between 10th and Griswold

Always check Michigan.gov/drive for this info and for ALL projects and follow @MDOT_MetroDet.

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