New Hands-Free Device Use Signs Installed In Michigan

Lansing, MI - Effective Friday, June 30, Michigan became the 26th state in the U.S. to adopt hands-free device legislation, placing strict implications on drivers found to be using cell phones without the use of hands-free technology.

To support this new legislation, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will begin installing Hands-Free Device Use signs at 37 locations along state line and border crossings. Installation is expected to continue through the summer until all signs are placed.

In addition to trunkline signs, MDOT’s dynamic message sign (DMS) boards will include reminders of the new law. The following message will be displayed on all DMS boards moving forward:


Texting while driving has been illegal in Michigan since 2010, but increasing the parameters of the law to prohibit the use of cell phones without hands-free technology is expected to further improve safety for all road users, including passengers, pedestrians, and road workers.

“This legislation is a welcome addition in the fight to reduce roadway fatalities and injuries,” said State Transportation Director Brad Wieferich. “Improving safety for our road workers is a top priority for the department, and these new laws will help to ensure that our roads and work zones are protected from distracted driving.”

Additional information regarding this legislation and the penalties associated are available through the Michigan State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning website at

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