Traffic Signal Heating Project Launched In Macomb County

Metro Detroit Traffic & Roads NewsMt. Clemens, MI - The Macomb County Department of Roads (MCDR) has partnered with JVIS, headquartered in Shelby Township, to implement a pilot project to test the mitigation of freezing risks associated with traffic signal operations during the winter months.

Unlike traditional incandescent lights that emit heat capable of melting snow during storms, LED lights, now widely used, do not generate heat. This characteristic can pose a potential hazard during the winter, as accumulated snow and ice on traffic lights can obstruct signal visibility, reduce the effectiveness of traffic signal indications and compromise road safety.

“Macomb County is committed to improving public safety by enhancing our transportation network with innovative traffic and safety technology solutions,” said Macomb County Executive Mark A. Hackel. “The Department of Roads has and will continue to explore the latest technology to make our roads as safe as possible for residents, motorists and visitors traveling on our roadways during the winter months.”

As part of the pilot project, the traffic signal heating technology has been installed at three intersections in Macomb County, including Jefferson Avenue and Crocker Boulevard in Harrison Township, as well as Jefferson Avenue and 21 Mile Road and Jefferson Avenue and Cotton Road in Chesterfield Township.

“Michigan’s unpredictable weather impacts our roads, motorists and community. Road safety is a top priority for Macomb County,” said MCDR Director Bryan Santo. “The pilot project installed at key intersections in Macomb County represents a significant step towards evaluating the technology's effectiveness in mitigating the safety risks associated with snow and ice accumulation on LED traffic lights.”

Snow covered LED traffic signals have been an issue identified by federal and state road agencies, prompting Macomb County to seek innovative solutions. JVIS developed CoreHeat™ technology, which allows for the efficient and rapid melting of snow and ice on traffic signals, ensuring that signals remain visible and intersections remain operational during harsh winter conditions.

"Snow build-up on traffic lights can present a significant safety issue that demands attention. Our CoreHeat™ technology addresses this concern by providing an effective solution to keep roads safe during winter," said JVIS President Jason Murar. "The Shelby Township Board of Trustees and Jim Carabelli played a crucial role in recognizing this issue and facilitated our collaboration with Macomb County, reflecting a shared commitment to enhancing road safety and addressing challenges posed by inclement weather."

The state-of-the-art technology can eliminate snow and ice accumulation on traffic signals rapidly with minimal energy consumption. The system is efficient and self-regulating, measuring temperatures and moisture levels, and activating only when snow or ice are present. The heating system is compatible with multiple traffic signal designs and devices, does not impede or change traffic signal output and does not require modifications to existing traffic signals.

“Macomb County's proactive approach to embracing technology showcases their dedication to enhancing road safety for all road users,” said Mike Cubon, technical solutions manager at JVIS. “By investing in innovative solutions, road agencies can address operational risks while creating safer driving conditions for their community.”

To learn more about the Department of Roads use of transportation technology, visit macombgov.org/departments/department-roads. Additional information regarding JVIS CoreHeat™ technology be found at jvis.us.

About the Macomb County Department of Roads
MCDR is dedicated to providing the public with a quality county road system, with a focus on safety and convenience for motorists and the community, environmental responsibility, and financial accountability. For the latest news from the Department of Roads, follow MCDR on Facebook and sign up to receive email and text alerts for construction and traffic updates at macombgov.org/departments/department-roads.

About JVIS
JVIS, headquartered in Shelby Township, Michigan, is a leading innovator in technology solutions and a major supplier to automotive OEMs. The company is committed to developing cutting-edge products that address real-world challenges, with a particular focus on safety and efficiency. Through continuous innovation, JVIS aims to contribute to creating a better and safer future for road users worldwide.

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