Arterra Realty Opens New Office In Downtown Birmingham

Birmingham, MI - /PRNewswire/ -- Arterra Realty announces the opening of their third metro Detroit office, located in the heart of Birmingham, MI – a community known for its luxe properties, bustling downtown, and rapidly increasing home values.

"We have been selling homes in the area for many years, and are thrilled to now have a place for agents and clients to gather in downtown Birmingham, right on Pierce St.," Arterra CEO and Founder Vito Terracciano said.

Arterra Realty prides itself on being the agency Where Michigan Agents Go to Grow, and is thrilled to bring the growth opportunities they offer to agents, teams, and independent brokers in the Birmingham area. With unparalleled agency support, extensive leadership interaction, unmatched product knowledge training, and one of the most lucrative compensation programs in the industry, Arterra is ideal for agents with every level of experience, from top performing to newly licensed.

The agency offers benefits tailored to individuals and teams, as well as independent brokers through their recently launched Broker Solutions program. Within this offering, qualified individuals can operate their own brand without missing out on the benefits of existing administrative, marketing, and financial structures.

With Arterra's affiliation to an award winning luxury home builder, and close relations to other industry tradespeople, they are able to provide their agents with high end product education. In combination with an in-house concierge staff to help match agents with leads, as well as ample marketing support and networking opportunities, the agency is equipped to help expand every real estate professional's portfolio.

This announcement comes on the heels of Arterra launching their Cap Cash program, where agents who have reached their commission cap can receive it back in monthly cash installments.

"Not only do I have the opportunity to earn 100%, but I can get my cap refunded in cash. In addition to many other benefits, I am immediately making tens of thousands more at Arterra and don't have to wait to reap the benefits of hitting my cap." – Haig, Industry All Star and Arterra Real Estate Advisor

If you are interested in learning more about what being an Arterra Advisor can do for your career, visit arterrarealty.com to schedule a visit or consultation.

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